For us we are quite literally 'getting things off the ground' with Osprey Aerial. As all the paperwork gets processed and filed for the business, we have been doing flights almost every day with new clients that are passionate about bringing Osprey Aerial's viewpoint to their business.

It's an exciting time to be in the aerial photography business and it's almost impossible to get through a newscast without hearing about 'drones' 'UAVs' or 'multirotors'. We see that as a great sign of the demand for this skillset and technology. While we may take off from our ground stations all alone, hardly a mission is landed without having accumulated a crowd, peppering us with questions about this exciting market.

The operators at Osprey Aerial are committed to putting our best step forward in interfacing with the public as this grows and are always happy to answer inquiries about the technology and the footage that we're able to bring to clients. One trait we always see in common between adults and their children that come up during a flight is the look on their faces - identical portraits of awe.

If you've got a project coming up that could use the unique perspective that an aerial camera system offers, please get in touch! We'd love to schedule your flight.